I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2018! Did anyone get activewear for Christmas? On top of half marathon training, I entered a 12 week fitness challenge (again) and signed up for a BJJ yearly membership. Between all the lifting, martial arts and running, activewear that works is a necessity. Luckily, I came across an amazing opportunity to review activewear by Arctic Cool! Keep reading for your chance to win a top of your own!


I picked this purple top and tested it in a few different workouts to see just how cool it was! Take a peek at the cool features of the top:

Arctic Cool tech top

Arctic Cool is “powered by HydroFreeze X, a fiber-based, cooling management system.” That means while you sweat, moisture moves away from your skin. This will lower the temperature of the fabric so you feel cool during your workouts! How “cool” is that?

Check out the cool technology!

“At Arctic Cool, we believe that the power of technology combined with the will of the human spirit can help everyone to train harder, go farther, and reach their maximum potential.” Doesn’t that statement make you want to kick butt during your workout?

The fit felt true to size, lightweight, and a good length. I’m 5’9″, weigh around 145-150 lbs and I’m wearing a size medium.

Great fit!

Running and Lifting

My first tests were a 4 mile run and a lifting session. With the weather being 30-40 degrees outside, I decided to run indoors on the treadmill. The shirt did an amazing job of wicking sweat so I felt cooler. Unlike cotton, the Arctic Cool shirt didn’t weigh me down while I lifted or ran.  It also doesn’t ride up when you lift your arms, and doesn’t feel restrictive.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I wore this to my first class back to BJJ. I couldn’t tell a difference regarding cooling but that’s because I wore this heavy woven gi on top of the shirt. In order to get the cooling effect, one probably shouldn’t layer anything in top of the Arctic Cool shirt. With that said, the top is excellent for wicking moisture and is lightweight under the gi! If you like to layer when you workout, this is a perfect choice in that aspect. This will be my go to top to wear under my gi.

activewear, bjj
Even passed the gi test!

Conclusion: Arctic Cool tops keeps you feeling cool! The top is comfortable, functional, durable, and machine washable! If you take your workouts outside, the fabric will protect your skin from the UV rays.

GIVEAWAY! Want to win an Arctic Cool top of your own? Check out the Arctic Cool tops here and comment on what style/color you’d like to win. Good luck! I will announce the winner on Wednesday, January 24. Be sure to use the link I provided.

Which Arctic Cool (style/color) top is your favorite?

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  1. I miss BJJ so much!! I need to find a place to train again. :[ But this definitely does sound like the perfect shirt to wear underneath a gi! I’d love to get the v-neck shirt with mesh in midnight blue! :]!

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