The Big Peach Sizzler 10K fell 16 days after the Area 13.1 Half Marathon. As a newbie, I’m not sure running a 10K so soon after a half marathon is the smartest move but I was ignorant to the fact that I needed a recovery period. When I signed up for both races months ago, I thought, “If I can run 13.1 miles by that point, 6.2 will be a piece of cake!” I didn’t factor in fatigue, the fact that I would want to race the 10K and break 60 minutes, and I didn’t give any “what if’s” a thought; like injury, burn out, what if I DNF the half?! I think if I ran the half marathon and 10K like they were comfortable training runs, I wouldn’t have treated the 2 recovery period so seriously. However, I want to get in a decent (for me) corral for next year’s Peachtree Road Race!

You can read about week 1 recovery here:

Here is my detailed Week 2 Recovery Schedule:

Monday: Easy 2 miles (I wanted to do 4 but I had weird knee pain), foam rolling.

Tuesday: Group Run Easy 3 miles with stroller, stretch.

Wednesday: LEG DAY! 30 minutes of yoga and foam rolling.

Thursday: 4 miles HIIT

Friday: 15 minute Total Body, 10 minutes yoga and foam rolling.

Saturday: Group Run 5 miles

Sunday: Yoga, foam roll and rest.

Monday: RACE DAY 10K!


  • On Thursday, I felt awesome! What was supposed to be an easy run turned into a HIIT workout because I wanted to see if I still had speed (shaking my head at myself).
  • Friday, I felt OK and wanted to get back to strength training but I opted for an easier total body workout instead of a full functional workout.
  • On Saturday, I felt tired before the long run.
  • On Sunday, my legs felt fatigued so I did extra foam rolling before bed.
  • By Monday, I felt OK!


  • I would have ran easy on Thursday.
  • I would have rested or did only yoga on Friday.
  • I would have hydrated more during the week.

Have you ever ran back-to-back races?

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