On Monday, I woke up to great news that I was selected to be part of the 2018 Nuun Ambassador team!

Nuun Ambassador
My favorite sports drink

I have been using Nuun products since training for the Area 13.1 half marathon in May. It came highly recommended from a sale associate at my favorite running store. My stomach could not handle the other popular, more readily available electrolyte drinks. Nuun not only didn’t hurt my stomach during long runs, it tasted great and has better ingredients. On top of that, they have vitamin tablets that I absolutely love and drink daily.

Nuun Ambassador
The email that made my day

This is a great spin compared to how I felt last week. I wasn’t selected as an ambassador for a race review company. On top of that, I wasn’t selected for the 2018 New York Half Marathon. As much as I race and review races, I wanted both opportunities. The universe had other plans for me!

The Sweat Pink Chapter role and Nuun Ambassador selection has totally lifted my spirits. Things happen for a reason and Nuun and Sweat Pink are THE companies that were meant to be. I love that I can market Nuun to my running groups AND fitness friends!

Nuun Ambassador

I’m such a dork but some of the things that excites me are the Nuun temporary tattoos, trucker hat and Nuun race gear! I’m honored to represent my favorite sports drink company while I run races all over Atlanta and out of state. Go Team Nuun!

What’s your favorite sports drink?

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