It’s the end of January 2018! It is time to revisit our New Year’s goals and tasks. Did we accomplish some or all that we hoped to?  Between starting a new sport and adding new tasks to my to do lists, I’ve noticed that I’m more tired and run down. Not a good way to start the new year! With that said, I did hit most goals.

Here’s my January goal list:

  • Running: I’ve put in 54 miles. My goal was 2 runs during the week (4-5 miles each) and 1 long run on the weekend. Unfortunately, I missed 2 long runs this month due to bad planning two weeks ago and last week’s long run was missed to due to foot pain. I have the Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15K in a few days so resting my foot was a good call.
running, racing
Hoping this will be my 15K pace
  • Lifting: My goal was to hit upper/lower twice a week each. I’m still following Get Strong this month. It fits in nicely with my current routine and I love the 4 day split (2 upper & 2 lower). It’s hard to fit it all of my training now that I’ve added BJJ but I can double up the workouts & do a total body workout without feeling overwhelmed.
lifting, strong, workout
My current lifting plan
  • BJJ: My goal was to attend twice a week so my mind and body could get used to this martial art. I missed an entire week due to extreme fatigue! My body needed to rest so I stayed home and recovered while my professor competed. Last week, I went attended once but made it up for it by attending my first open mat.
  • bjj, women's bjj
    Post BJJ hair don’t care
  • Yoga: I’ve been fitting in yoga daily (10-20 minutes) but I could more time on the mat throughout the week. I don’t count teaching as my practice so on those days, I get up extra early to fit in 1 hour of my own yoga practice.
yoga, yoga teacher
Yoga for my mind, body, and soul

While I believe #IamLimitless, the week of extreme fatigue was a reminder that I need to reset and recover. Learning a brand new martial art is tough mentally and physically. I was putting in two-a-days to fit in all my runs, lifts, and BJJ so I’m still switching things around and finding what works for my body. I plan on keeping February goals similar to this month’s goals.

What were your January goals? Did you accomplish some or all of your tasks/goals?

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