With a few days to spare, I met my goal of running 500 miles this year. It wasn’t easy. I know many runners run A LOT more than 500 miles yearly so this may not be impressive to most. As a new runner who started my running journey in January (it took me until May to work up to 3 miles), this is AWESOME!

500 mile goal
500 miles done, look at last year’s milage!

I was worried I wouldn’t meet the goal at the end of the year. After doing the math, I’d need to run a 10K every day this week. Fortunately, I took another look at my Runkeeper and realized I didn’t start tracking runs until May. I went into my FitBit app to track my runs from January-May. I’m so glad that I tracked my progress since the beginning. Back then, I was elated when I ran over a mile. I jumped for joy when I reached 2 miles!

yoga, running
Mermaid pose after running 500 miles in 2017

I have no clue what my goal mileage will be next year. I will be training for a full marathon so I assume it will be a bit more than 500 miles. I will download that “1000 mile” shoe and color it in when I run to see if I ever reach 1000 miles this year. Even when I’m not racing, I hope to keep running 3-5 miles during short runs and a long run on the weekend to keep my endurance up.

Do you aim to run 500-1000+ miles a year?

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