Raise your hand if you thought stroller running would be a breeze! Oh, just me? Running with a stroller is tough but moms & dads will do what we need to do to get those miles in. I always give a smile & nod when I pass runners pushing a stroller because I know the struggle. My pace is 2+ minute mile slower but my body gets a good workout pushing a 25lb stroller + 28 lb kiddo. I love running solo but bringing my kid along for the run saves money for a babysitter (if hubby isn’t home) and I consider it a bonding experience. I talk to her while I run and sometimes play peekaboo and lift and lower the stroller cover to keep her entertained. I also keep toys strapped to her strollers so she won’t throw them out.

Stroller running
Enjoying the fall weather together.

Here are some tips for stroller running:

  • FORM: Watch your posture: shoulders back, core activated, looking straight ahead.
    • If you run with 1 hand on the stroller, be sure to alternate hands.
    • Use BOTH hands when pushing uphill or running downhill.
    • Scan your upper body for tension and shake it out.
  • Don’t forget to use the tether. A runaway stroller can be dangerous to the kiddo and people/dogs around you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Safety for you and your kiddo comes 1st!
  • When passing others (especially with dogs), let them know you’re there so they can control their dogs or they can (hopefully) move over to let you guys pass.
Stroller running
I love when she yells “GO!”

The good news is that I heard I will probably run faster on race day if I do a lot of stroller running. I can definitely imagine how that happens. When I run uphill, I pretend I’m pushing a prowler. It sure feels like it!

Do you have any stroller running tips?

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